Simplified physical (box office) pre-sales process

Pre-parameterized functions and unified device management results in quicker payment, ticket and receipt handout.

This new system feature could be important for those of our partners who carry out box office (physical) advance sales. The essence of the new solution is that it speeds up the payment process and the printing of tickets and receipts with pre-parameterized functions and unified device management. It also requires much less administrative intervention (5 less clicks on average), based on the following workflow:

  • Accelerated administration for prioritized payment options, e.g. bank card or cash (selected already on the product listing page, with faster response of the connected devices)
  • Automatic ticket printing (without a separate print command)
  • Unified printing option for the cash register and the POS terminal (when used together, both the printing of receipts and POS slips can be done on the printer of the cash register)
  • Product selection by the administrator from an easily comprehensible tile view, resulting in faster service (only available for a maximized nr. of products)

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