New Access Management App

Solving your complete access management process (ticket exchange, wristband management, check-in, access control and more) with 1 mobile device.

Netpositive’s latest development solves your complete access management process on 1 phone, instead of a desktop full of static devices. Full mobile solution, less devices, faster flow!

Advanced features, all-in-one:

  • ticket control
  • ticket exchange, wristband management
  • check-in (ID management)
  • integrated cashless processes
  • access control at entry and exit (full event and restricted zones)
  • mobile wristband check (for onsite control)

Clear benefits:

  • simple setup, cheaper workstations
  • 76% faster operation, higher access/time ratio
  • flexible capacity management, even during the event
  • state-of-the-art reporting functions for management
  • more efficient data flow, lower bandwidth requirement
  • user-friendly, Gen Z-conform interface
  • simpler and faster training process
  • happier visitors and staff

UNTOLD Dubai 2024 – successful tests
MASSIF Brasov 2024 – first successful event

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