Administration and manufacturing of restricted area (e.g. backstage) passes

All-in-one: from determining access levels, managing photo uploads and manufacturing passes, all the way to onsite handout and access control.

With Netpositive’s newest service package, it becomes both easy and transparent to manage the access to all restricted event areas. Now the whole process is included in the Backstage ecosystem, from determining the access levels, managing the photo uploads and the whole manufacturing process, all the way to the onsite handout and access control:

  • Accreditation and handout managed directly from the Backstage ecosystem
  • Complete, continuous data access and total management control
  • Unlimited number of authorization types and levels: anonymous, named, with or without photo, car passes, etc.
  • Combined (festival wristband + backstage pass) or complementary (only pass) accreditation options
  • Automatic pass voucher sendout via email
  • Pass photo microsite, directly administered by the users (pass holders)
  • RFID pass-control onsite, according to specific zones, with professional mobile devices
  • Flexible authorization of RFID passes during the event (adding or withdrawing autorization levels on the go)
  • Graphic design and manufacturing of normal pass cards, RFID cards, RFID wristbands, lanyards

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