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Best European Major Festival 2011, 2014 – 6 days, 500k visitors 1 of 1
Best European Major Festival 2015 – 4 days, 350k visitors 1 of 1
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The city’s nr. 1 tourism attraction – 13 spas, 3M visitors/year 1 of 1
Best European Major Festival 2013, 2017 – 4 days, 200k visitors 1 of 1

Our solutions are mainly designed to meet the needs of large-scale festivals, venues and sport events. We work with some of the biggest events in Europe, but size is definitely not the only aspect. We are here to help creating quality.

Your income
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Your brand

Unlike other ticketing platforms, backstage ticketing gives you unlimited access to your most important assets: money, contents and data – whenever you need them. Our integrated solutions will save you thousands of working hours, while you can rely on our crew, as if it was your own. We will help you managing your cash-flow, strengthening your brand, raising your income level, growing your event bigger and better, supporting you online and onsite, 7 days a week, all year long.

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Our online ticket sales platform is fully integrated in your event website, harmonizing with your key visuals and brand identity. You can sell your full product range with us: entry tickets, campsites, merchandising and more. All product information and the whole sales process stays under your domain, no need to navigate to a ticketing company’s external website, resulting in a familiar environment, less clicks and higher conversion rates.

  • Fully brandable (white label) webshops
  • Integration to any event website in 7 days

  • Easy accounting and access to your income

  • Complete user data ownership

  • A dedicated account manager

  • Online and onsite helpdesk

  • 24/7 backoffice access for editing and reporting

  • Fully editable product descriptions, galleries, vouchers, emails, etc.

  • Cross-selling, upselling, coupon codes, gift cards, bundle discounts

  • Multiple language versions and currencies

  • Price phases, countdown options

  • Limited ticket contingents

  • Payment plans for instalment payment

  • Analytics, funnelling and remarketing integration

  • Payment with bank cards, PayPal, Google Pay, PayU, bitcoin

  • Customer access portal for registered users

  • Ticketswap integration for secondary market sales
  • Integrated cancellation insurance

Access control

From electronic tickets and QR codes to RFID wristbands, our access control solution creates a streamlined onspot admission process, while maintaining the highest level of security. Your ticket sales and access control will use the same database, so you can keep on selling online during your event, without the need for exporting or importing barcodes.

  • Mobile phone access control application

  • Browser-based platform with barcode and RFID readers
  • Real-time access dashboards

  • Check-in with ID scanning

  • Entry and exit management

  • Zone- and time-based access control

  • Crew shift management

  • Complex exchange scenarios

  • Visitor counting, vehicle entry control


Accreditation is the way to keep track of all free and discounted professional tickets at your event. We streamline the accreditation process for your staff, artists, press, sponsors, guests, volunteers and vendors. All data in one platform, also ensuring a seamless check-in.

  • Personalized tickets for all professional participants

  • Secure operation with a controlled and trackable approval and sendout process

  • Free or discounted tickets for your partners

  • Custom application forms (e.g. for press accreditation)

  • Self-administered accreditation portal for press, sponsors, service providers, etc.

  • Credit (total ticket value) based accreditation for your most important partners

Physical ticket sales

Your pre-event and onsite physical sales need to work in the same efficient environment as your online sales to enable a seamless access control. This means full overview of both your online and box office ticket sales before and during your event, using dashboards and reports with aggregated data.

  • Presales and onspot ticket sales

  • Integrated online and physical sales reports

  • Wristband sales with instant access

  • Real-time and shift-based settlement reports
  • Barcode readers, RFID readers

  • Onsite helpdesk

  • Onsite supervisors and training
  • Cashless payment integration
  • Full onsite sales team accountability

Ticketing hub

Our API-based ticketing hub function gives you the full overview, even if you’re using multiple ticketing partners. All your external ticketing contingents, prices and sales data are managed together, real time. This means dashboards and reports showing the aggregated numbers, but also all the details of each and every transaction, regardless of the point of sales. Our existing connections with external retailers already include Reservix, Festival Travel, Interticket, etc. and we’re always ready to expand this network according to your needs.

Cashless payment

Working together with our long-time partners Festipay, we utilize RFID-based wristbands not only for access control, but also for cashless payment. We can provide you with full onsite customer data during and after your event, as well as other features, like pre-event topup, visitor account integration, etc.


Wristbands and badges

Design, manufacturing, delivery and on spot inventory management of your event’s wristbands and badges, all included! You will always know whether a given wristband is on the visitor’s wrist, at an exchange point or in a storage area, predicting shortages long before it causes problems.

Consulting, support, custom development

From initial consulting, setup and customization, all the way to newly developed functions, troubleshooting, customer care and onsite support, we offer comprehensive services to ensure your event is organized smoothly. We are working with you and developing for you.

  • Custom developement, graphic design, branding
  • A dedicated project manager
  • Setup, administration, training
  • Online helpdesk

  • A fully synchronized backup system

  • Sales, marketing, IT and UX consulting

Flexible business cases

We are happy to adjust our deal structure and price tag to match your exact needs. Let’s discuss your business processes, so we can design a custom package. Together we will definitely find the right mix of our 3 basic financial models.


Our fee is included in the retail price (face value) of your sold tickets.

Booking fee

Our fee comes on top of the retail price (face value) of your sold tickets.

Flat fee

We agree on a fix amount for our services.

  • Taylor-made mix of services
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Up-and-running ticket sales platform in 7 days
  • Own backoffice with 24/7 access
  • Continuous support, online and onsite
  • Risk-free operation and total data safety
  • Fast accounting and efficient cash-flow
  • Custom solutions for new service areas
  • Professional cooperation with a friendly team

A team of 20+ digital and event professionals

Our Budapest-based team combines the love of events with the passion for digital solutions. We were born to deal with challenges, handling the pressure both online and onsite with ease. More than half of our team is playing music, so our devotion to festivals is clear, but we’re not stopping there. Sports, culture, tourism, big or small scale events, we are open and ready for more!



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